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Delphine Verneau

2 rue des Gladiateurs 72000 Le Mans
+33 1 83 75 80 00


Delphine Verneau is a lawyer since 2006. After having practiced labor law for several years in Bordeaux, she joined the labor law department in the FIDAL firm for almost 6 years, first in the Bayonne offices, then in Le Mans.

Delphine Verneau intervenes in counseling, negotiation and litigation for French and international clients for matters relating to individual and collective work relations and social security law (negotiation, implementation and termination of employment contracts, management of relations with employee representatives, management of professional risks, enforcement of social security regulations).

She works for key-account clients, SMBs and start-ups in various economic sectors (retail trade, supermarket distribution, metallurgy, banks, drugstores).

She stopped her career as a lawyer to hold a management position within a social housing structure. She has decided to come back to the legal profession and joined in 2019 as a partner the law firm LEXT in Le Mans.

Areas of practice

  • Labor law - individual relations
  • Labor law - collective relations
  • Social security law
  • Negotiations - litigation


  • Law school (Rennes)
  • Masters 2 in company law (University of Angers)
  • Masters 2 in labor law (University of Paris Pantheon Sorbonne)
  • Masters 1 in private law with a distinction in business law (university of Maine)


2 rue des Gladiateurs 72000 Le Mans
+33 1 83 75 80 00
+33 1 83 75 80 01

Spoken Languages

  • French, 
  • English

Réseau social

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Le Mans office
2 rue des Gladiateurs - 72000 Le Mans - France
LEXT AVOCATS A.A.R.P.I., registered with the Le Mans Bar.

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67-69 avenue Victor Hugo - 75116 Paris - France
LEXT A.A.R.P..I., registered with the Paris Bar.

Rennes office
22 rue de l'Alma - 35000 Rennes - France
LEXT ASSOCIES, registered with the Rennes Bar.

Vannes secondary office
PIBS - Place Albert Einstein - 56000 Vannes - France
LEXT ASSOCIES, registered with the Vannes Bar.

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