Keen to favor an amicable resolution to solve their clients’ disputes, and when it best suits their interests, either because the dispute has to stay completely confidential, or because it would allow a faster and less costly outcome, LEXT has developed a specific expertise in the field of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), in particular regarding the mediation process. Mediation is the structured process through which two or more parties voluntarily try, at any given time during the litigation process, to reach an amicable settlement to put an end to their dispute. This is performed under the auspices of a neutral third party who is independent and impartial: the mediator, chosen by the parties, or, with their consent, appointed by the judge in charge of the dispute.

Oral and written exchanges occurring during the mediation phase are protected by a strict and total confidentiality, which allows parties and their lawyers to freely express themselves. This is performed under the benevolent and structuring direction of the mediator.

The lawyers’ role in the mediation is decisive: they assist their clients in making the decision to resort to this process, as well as in choosing a mediator, to make sure their clients’ interests are protected when implementing said process that they shall also fully understand and master.

Intervening on a regular basis in the business mediation process, in French or in English, LEXT’s lawyers have developed a unique expertise, especially as two of our partners Anne Bourdu and Gaëlle Leroy are mediators, certified and recognized by the CMAP (Center for Mediation and Arbitration of Paris) who are regularly appointed in mediation procedures.

Anne Bourdu and Gaëlle Leroy are also referred by the National Center for Lawyers’ Mediation (NCMA in French) as mediator lawyers considering that they meet the required conditions in terms of expertise, probity and independence. Their double qualification allows them to favor a pragmatic and confidential resolution of disputes while ensuring the legal efficiency of the solution ultimately selected by the parties to the mediation process.

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Our Offices

Le Mans office
2 rue des Gladiateurs - 72000 Le Mans - France
LEXT AVOCATS A.A.R.P.I., registered with the Le Mans Bar.

Paris office
67-69 avenue Victor Hugo - 75116 Paris - France
LEXT A.A.R.P..I., registered with the Paris Bar.

Rennes office
22 rue de l'Alma - 35000 Rennes - France
LEXT ASSOCIES, registered with the Rennes Bar.

Vannes secondary office
PIBS - Place Albert Einstein - 56000 Vannes - France
LEXT ASSOCIES, registered with the Vannes Bar.

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