Economic Law, Distribution and Competition

Economic Law, Distribution and Competition

distribution - consumer law - competition - product compliance - economic relationships

LEXT advises and assists its French and international clients in investigations launched by the French administrative authorities as well as before commercial, civil or criminal courts concerning the following issues:


  • Distribution networks and channels (exclusive distribution, franchise, selective distribution, commercials agents, commissioners) and related disputes
  • Ensuring that commercial documents and general terms and conditions of sale comply with mandatory rules from French and European legislations, particularly regarding invoicing and payment terms

Consumer Law

  • Compliance with consumers’ mandatory laws (abusive clauses, e-commerce, misleading allegations, labeling, air travel)
  • Sales promotions (sales and private sales, tied sales, sales with bonuses, advergames)


  • Restrictive practices of competition (sudden termination of long-standing commercial relationships, lack of balance in the rights or obligations of parties to an agreement)
  • Single agreement and commercial cooperation
  • Anti-competitive practices (cartels, abuse of dominant position)

Product compliance

  • Product security, product recalls
  • Regulation regarding market launching of drugs and medical devices
  • Liability for defective or non-compliant products

Economic relationships

  • Unfair competition (disparagement and parasitism)
  • Comparative advertising
  • Compliance with transparency rules in the pharmaceutical industry

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Our firm - LEXT - provides its skills for clients active in various industries and economic sectors. This has allowed LEXT to acquire and develop a professional expertise in the relevant fields, such as:

Agro-food industry, agro-supply industries, supermarket distribution (food and DIY), tobacco, luxury products, apparel, pharmaceutical industries, automobile sub-contracting, insurance brokerage, toys, edition of software and of websites, digital communication, certifications, advertising agencies, climate engineering and thermal equipment, personal services, live entertainment, music and film industry, professional clothing, airlines.

Our Offices

Le Mans office
2 rue des Gladiateurs - 72000 Le Mans - France
LEXT AVOCATS A.A.R.P.I., registered with the Le Mans Bar.

Paris office
67-69 avenue Victor Hugo - 75116 Paris - France
LEXT A.A.R.P..I., registered with the Paris Bar.

Rennes office
22 rue de l'Alma - 35000 Rennes - France
LEXT ASSOCIES, registered with the Rennes Bar.

Vannes secondary office
PIBS - Place Albert Einstein - 56000 Vannes - France
LEXT ASSOCIES, registered with the Vannes Bar.

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