Data Protection - Health Data - GDPR

Data Protection - Health Data - GDPR

counseling and assistance in the management of personal data - audits of uses personal data - assistance for compliance upgrades

Our firm, LEXT, advises and assists its French and international clients in the following fields:

  • Strategic analysis of use of personal data, implementation of obligations and responsibilities regarding regulations on the protection of personal data
  • Audits and diagnoses concerning personal data, assistance to risk mapping
  • Action planning and compliance programs
  • Assistance for the establishment of impact studies; assistance for the management of people’s effective rights
  • Assistance to ensure compliance of legal documents as well as information transmitted to third parties: e.g. conformity charters, compliance policy, mandatory indication on collection forms, etc…, legal assistance to legal, commercial and operational departments
  • Assistance in drafting contracts relating to personal data: e.g. contracts relating to those who shall be responsible according to applicable regulations, confidentiality contracts, IT contracts: accommodation, maintenance; subcontracts, co-contracting; « personal data » clauses in business contracts: customer/client agreement, supplier contract and working contracts; computing charters and good practices in computing matters
  • DPO missions

Training courses on personal data

  • Training courses allowing department heads, supervisors and operational managers to gain knowledge on compliance with personal data rights: accounting, marketing, HR, general management, sales representatives and operational managers
  • Joint training courses on both IT and legal security
  • Training in situ or online with questionnaires

Personal data litigation

  • Assistance during CNIL (i.e. National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties) inspections
  • Assistance during formal notice proceedings and sanctions launched or inflicted by the CNIL
  • Representation before civil and criminal courts for the breach of regulations or rights of a third party


The members of the labor and data protection teams work together on all of their clients’ HR and social issues that are connected or linked to the protection of personal data.

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Our firm - LEXT - provides these skills for clients active in various industries and economic sectors. This has allowed LEXT to acquire and develop a professional expertise in the relevant fields, such as:

Telecommunications, health, e-health, agro-food industry, agro-supply industry, supermarket distribution (food and DIY), tobacco, luxury, pharmaceutical industries, automobile sub-contracting, insurance brokerage, edition of software and of websites, digital communication, certifications, advertising agencies, climate engineering and thermal equipment, personal assistance, sport, hotels, e-commerce, Paas or Saas platforms, collaborative platforms, web hosting, connected technologies, law firms and accounting forms, banking-insurance providers.

Our Offices

Le Mans office
2 rue des Gladiateurs - 72000 Le Mans - France
LEXT AVOCATS A.A.R.P.I., registered with the Le Mans Bar.

Paris office
67-69 avenue Victor Hugo - 75116 Paris - France
LEXT A.A.R.P..I., registered with the Paris Bar.

Rennes office
22 rue de l'Alma - 35000 Rennes - France
LEXT ASSOCIES, registered with the Rennes Bar.

Vannes secondary office
PIBS - Place Albert Einstein - 56000 Vannes - France
LEXT ASSOCIES, registered with the Vannes Bar.

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