LEXT Firm News

The skills and expertise of LEXT, with offices in Le Mans, Paris and Rennes, have been recognized by the international guide LEGAL 500 that recommends, in its 2020’s edition that has just been released, the practices of LEXT in (i) EU, Competition and Distribution and (ii) Intellectual Property (Trade marks and designs).


  • LEXT ranked Tier 5 in EU, Competition and Distribution
  • LEXT ranked Tier 4 in Intellectual Property: Trade marks and designs

>> Read more on the Legal 500 website

Our Offices

Le Mans office
2 rue des Gladiateurs - 72000 Le Mans - France
LEXT AVOCATS A.A.R.P.I., registered with the Le Mans Bar.

Paris office
67-69 avenue Victor Hugo - 75116 Paris - France
LEXT A.A.R.P..I., registered with the Paris Bar.

Rennes office
22 rue de l'Alma - 35000 Rennes - France
LEXT ASSOCIES, registered with the Rennes Bar.

Vannes secondary office
PIBS - Place Albert Einstein - 56000 Vannes - France
LEXT ASSOCIES, registered with the Vannes Bar.

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